3 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Important For Your Business

We’ve heard it time and time again; a business launches its new website but its not helped attract new customers or any new sales, and they’re not showing up in search result pages (SERP’s). This ultimately leaves the business wondering why they invested in a new website at all.

Here are 3 reasons why without blogging, your website will never make the traction online your business needs.

Blogging Increases SEO/SERP Listings

By blogging and targeting your blogs to related content on your site, you’ll increase the number of search results your articles are shown in. On top of this the more relevant the site, and the more blogs you add will lead to higher search engine rankings.

This leads to driving new traffic to your website and in turn puts your products/services in front of visitors who are interested in the subject.

Blogging linked in with Social media drives traffic to your site

You can link your social media accounts to your blog posts, so whenever a new article comes out it’s posted. People who are interested will follow your social media account and this in turn helps your articles get seen by more people on a regular basis.

Blogging and posting to social media also helps gain attention in the form of questions from customers which helps deepen the relationship of your business with the customer.

Blogging helps businesses build customer relationships

Static product pages/service pages can often feel cold, but when a blog is maintained and regular content is posted, it helps build a more trusting relationship with your clients.

By posting articles on your site, your clients are able to get to know your business or product from the comfort of their homes.