3 Secrets Of Effective Web Design

In this competitive digital environment, it can be highly difficult to attract people to your website and keep them engaged, therefore, it is critical that your website design is highly effective and enticing. This will ensure that your traffic does not wander off from your website. Here are 3 secrets of creating an effective web design.

Minimalistic Interface

Most visitors spend around an average of 10 to 15 seconds on a website and bounce off to other websites if they are unable to find the stuff they are looking for. Moreover, they do not read every single word, but important sentences. Therefore, it is imperative that your website has a minimalistic interface allowing them to easily go through and evaluate the content without any distraction.

Though ads, call to actions, and other widgets are also important for your website, make sure they do not pop out and distract the reader from the content. If your website contains a lot of text, make sure you choose correct font and font size to give good readability to your reader. Furthermore, you may use infographics and images to communicate your text and engage the user more effectively than plain boring text.

Intelligent Design

As stated earlier, you have a limited amount of time to captivate your user’s interest on your website. Your website design should be arranged in a clear hierarchy, which will provide a path for a reader to follow. Without a direction, a user may get confused and wander off your website

Therefore, you should strategically place your content in a way that it may urge users to follow the trail that you have set up for them. You can leverage color, design, and spacing to draw the attention of your user to a particular area and lead them to other areas of your website. Clear, refined, and readable pieces of content can really make a huge impact on the success of your website.

Mobile Friendly Interface

In this digital era, almost every person is 24/7 connected to the internet via smartphone. Consequently, most users use their smartphones to browse websites. Thus, it is highly critical that your web design is optimized for mobile browsers. This may require comprehensive testing and debug to ensure to provide great user experience to your readers as mobile users bounce off rate is even higher than desktop users.