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5 Common Logo Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

A great logo is the bedrock of every great business. If created correctly it should convey the brand, what they do, how they are different and why people should choose them. Millions of companies create logos that make their businesses look small, insignificant and unprofessional and this will ultimately cost them. Below are five common mistakes businesses make. Help your brand avoid these mistakes.

Remember your logo isn’t just a pretty icon to put on your business cards.

Amateur Designer

Your logo design is no place for an amateur. You must get a professional logo designer to design the perfect logo to fit your business. Amateur designers tend to copy, either unwittingly or subconsciously. Having a logo too similar to another brand, especially a competitor will both devalue your logo and make you forgettable. The purpose of a logo is to make your brand stand out. You wouldn’t employ an apprentice electrician to rewire your whole house, so why would you let an amateur design the single most important image for your business.

Beware Of Trends & Fads

There always seems to be some new fad taking place. Choosing a logo based on the current trends will soon leave your logo looking out of date and off brand as soon as the trend fizzles out. This will instantly make your logo lose it’s meaning and impact. A new logo should be like buying a new suit,  It should be a sound investment that lasts you for years.

Chaotic Typography

Don’t go crazy when working with fonts. One of the biggest issue is using too many. Try to stick with one or two fonts or it will start to get really messy and a bad pairing can look ridiculous. Remember not all fonts are compatible. Selecting a font that is irrelevant to your brand can be disastrous. Designing a logo for a corporate client with comic sans is unlikely to attract potential business leads. The feel and message of the fonts are key, not just the words so keep this in mind for the initial sketching process.

Colour Overload

Overdoing colours can make some designs look too busy and confusing. More importantly, it will make it difficult to translate into different formats and another colour version. A great logo design should look good in both colour and black & white. Try to keep the colours you use to no more than four and have one or two of the colours more prominent than the others.

Unadaptable logo

Your logo will need to be used for a lot of different things and most business owners don’t realize this. A logo designed by an amateur is unlikely to work on all media, unlike a professionally designed logo. Your logo should work on all applications, from the web to email, print advertising and full-color marketing pieces. Make sure your logos colours, size and overall design will work on everything from from t-shirts to business cards.

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