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The Importance of Responsive Web Design in 2019

Responsive Web Design has always had it's place, but now, in 2019 it is more important than ever - we take a look at the reasons why, and why you should never settle for a website that isn't fully responsive.

What is "Responsive Web Design"?

Simply put, responsive web design uses styling methods (CSS, short for Cascading Stylesheets) to make the website "respond" automatically to the size of browser or device that you're viewing it on.

Take our website, for example - it looks pretty good, huh? It's also responsive, so no matter if you're viewing it on a tablet, smartphone, laptop computer or even on a 60" TV screen, it'll still look great - everything will resize itself to fit the screen and look good.

Websites that aren't responsive tend to do one of two things:

  • Look terrible on any device they weren't designed for (e.g a website only designed for desktop pc tends to look terrible on a mobile smartphone browser!)
  • Have 2 websites or themes, one for mobile and one for computers and laptops - whilst this works, it means a lot more maintenance, and less continuity!

But hasn't responsive web design always been important?

Well, yes - but back in the day when mobile devices were less common, and smartphones were non existant (or just starting to take off) it wasn't quite as important, you could build a website with set dimensions, targetting the smallest screen you expected your visitors to have (remember the days of those old CRT monitors, when a 19" monitor looked huge?) and it would work well for most users - a little small, perhaps on bigger screens, but still usable.

So - why the importance now, and why so much emphasis on 2019 and not 2017 or 2018?

It's true, mobile devices and smartphones have been commonplace for many years now, and you really should have had a responsive website design, but in the past 2 years there has been a real shift - firstly, over 50% of internet access is believed to have been from mobile devices, so having a mobile friendly website is now more important than ever - but not only that!

Because so many users now use a mobile as their primary method of web browsing, Google has, this year switched to "mobile first" indexing, so search results are now based on what works best on mobile, rather than desktop (amongst many other factors!), so you see, if you want to perform well in Google and get your website seen, you're going to want a mobile friendly website - but at the same time, there's still 40+% of users who use a desktop computer/laptop or similar, and you certainly don't want to alienate them.

Enter, responsive web design. The all rounder that keeps your website looking neat and uniform no matter what device you use.

Our website is responsive, is yours? If not, or you're not sure - get in touch today and we'll discuss your options!

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