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WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme to ship in 5.3

The ever popular WordPress CMS is getting ready to release the latest in it's line of default themes - changing (almost) yearly, the "Twenty" series of themes sees it's next version "Twenty Twenty" push to core, meaning it is now shipping with the Beta version of WordPress 5.3.

The Twenty Twenty theme is based on the Chaplin theme designed by Anders Norén, but you wouldn't know it at first glance!

The theme has been designed to fully harness the WordPress Block editor in Gutenberg, allowing you to create beautiful responsive layouts for your posts and pages.

Anders' main aim was to harness the power of the block editor, and the new features coming in WordPress 5.3 - quoted below;

Twenty Twenty is designed with flexibility at its core. If you want to use it for an organization or a business, you can combine columns, groups, and media with wide and full alignments to create dynamic layouts to show off your services or products. If you want to use it for a traditional blog, the centered content column makes it perfect for that as well.

 Anders Norén

The Theme Itself

The Twenty Twenty theme itself is fairly basic, relying primarily on the Gutenberg editor to provide styling and functionality. Without using Gutenberg, it's not all that much to look at, however, that's not necessarily a bad thing - it does mean that the theme is more lightweight than it's predecessor, Twenty Nineteen.

Some of the basic features included in the theme are:

  • Custom Background(s)
  • Custom Logo
  • An all new TypeFace (Inter) offering excellent readability on all screen sizes
  • 3 default menu locations (Header/main menu, Footer, and Social menu)
  • Content Width (580)
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Automatic Feed links
  • Captions
  • Galleries

And much more. Coupled with the Gutenberg editor, it makes an excellent base for any type of website, whether it be a simple blog or a fully-fledged business website.

So in summary, Twenty Twenty is a minimalist theme, coupled with the block editor, which makes it become much, much more.

Release Schedule

  • October 7th 2019: Beta 3
  • October 15th 2019: RC 1
  • October 22nd 2019: RC 2
  • October 29th 2019: RC 3
  • November 5th 2019: RC 4 (if required)
  • November 12th 2019: Target date for the release of WordPress 5.3 (Twenty Twenty will be included as the default theme).

If you would like to download the Twenty Twenty theme before it's official release you can do so from here.

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